Nancy Andreasen AIF 2014

The best definition [of creativity] is that it's an ability to perceive things that are novel or original and yet useful.

Nancy Andreasen Neuroscientist; Andrew H. Woods Chair of Psychiatry and Director, Iowa...
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Secrets of the Creative Brain

Secrets of the Creative Brain

Show Notes

Tom Kelley, author of Creative Confidence and partner at IDEO, says creativity and innovation aren't only reserved for "creative types," but everyone can tap into creative potential. In this episode, he recounts the stories of individuals who doubted their creativity but overcame fear to go on to do highly creative things. Also, we hear from leading neuroscientist Dr. Nancy Andreasen who researches highly creative people and how they think. Her work also examines the roles of nature v. nurture and the relationship between creativity and mental illness.


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