Aspen Ideas: Show Up Part 1

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Hear from athletes moving the bar on social justice. Restoring trust in the institutions that have let us down. A tribal elder shares her experiences fighting for civil rights. America's goalie won't give up on equal pay. Plus, trail breakers and a special performance.

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Not Playing Around: Athletes Fight for Justice

Following the Black Lives Matter protests this summer, many professional athletes across sports leagues used their platforms to bring attention to racial injustice and police brutality in the United States. Chris Conley, Candace Parker and Jon Frankel discuss why more athletes are less reluctant to use their voices in 2020, and what it would take to see progress and create measurable societal change.

  • Christian Conley
  • Jon Frankel
  • Candace Parker

Still Fighting: Advice from the Original Gangsta Granny

Madonna Thunder Hawk, an Oohenumpa Lakota woman, is a veteran of every modern Native occupation from Wounded Knee in 1973 to Standing Rock in 2016. After a lifetime of pushing for Native civil rights and sovereignty, her message to youth is simple: Build community. Dr. Beth Castle, filmmaker and historian, leads the conversation with the “original gangsta granny.

  • Madonna Thunder Hawk

The Bad Breakup Between Institutions and Young Americans

Once trusted and admired, Americans institutions have lost their sizzle. If you’re in your thirties or younger, you’ve seen failures of national security, the financial system, the CDC. And bedrock institutions today are being pulled into partisan political dynamics. How can we to rebuild trust from the ground up, not the top down? Your local government and community, with the help of the hand you lend them, are the crucial building blocks on the road to a more unified America.

  • David Brooks
  • Yuval Levin

America’s Goalie Comes Out of the Net for Pay Equity

Gold medal-winning goalkeeper Hope Solo has emerged as a leader in the fight for pay equity in women’s sports. The popularity of the issue is a starting point, Solo says, but only changes in the law will lead to real systemic change. The Olympian’s lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation for violating the Equal Pay Act is an active case and, if won, would set a new precedent for women in sports and beyond.

  • Hope Solo
  • Versha Sharma

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