2020 Aspen Ideas Festival dates: June 24th - July 3rd

Michele Bratcher Goodwin AIH 2019

“Dr. King said of all the injustices, lack of health care is most inhumane. That is absolutely right.”

Michele Bratcher Goodwin Chancellor's Professor of Law and Founding Director, Center for Biotec...
Dani Shapiro AIF 2019

“As a writer, I’ve always tried to make art out of chaos.”

Dani Shapiro Writer; Author, Inheritance
Amy Webb 2019 AIF

How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Human-Centered?

Ibram Kendi 2019

“How do you even begin to eliminate the wealth gap in this country without reparations?”

Ibram X. Kendi Founding Director, Antiracist Research and Policy Center, American Uni...
Katherine Gehl 2019 AIF

“Washington is broken represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem.”

Katherine Gehl Co-Chair, National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers; Co-Founder,...
Fatima Goss Graves AIF 2019

American Reckoning, American Renewal

Masha Gessen, 2019 AIF

“Should you do this good thing instead of that good thing? Just do a good thing.”

Masha Gessen Staff Writer, The New Yorker
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Redefining Conservatism in America

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